Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Markets galore this weekend

Hi all, I have been remis in my postings so sorry about that. I just wanted to tell you about the markets happening this weekend in Karratha. I am doing both the Tambrey Primary School on friday evening and the shire run Street party on Sunday. Wow will I be tired on Monday. On the friday I am cleaning out my craft stash and passing some of it on to you. Beads, MDF wood products, Crosstitch fabric and much more will leave my table and make its home with you so you can do your magic and create something beautiful.

On Sunday I am having a stall at the inaugural Street Party which I hope will be an amazing success. I will be selling my jewellery at this event and hopefully handing out lots of Business cards.I have been busy making a lot more items to fill my table. Below is a few photos of new Earings that have just been completed and will be ready for sale on the day.

Oriental Dream

Sunday Sun


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Art soothes my soul

Dont you just love Art Gallery openings? Well I know I do and as I live so remotely they are so few and far between. So on Friday I travelled three hours to our next major town to be at the opening of the Port Hedland Art Awards. It was well worth the effort with some amazing pieces on show. The Area I live in have some amazing Indigenous Artists and they are always well represented along side the Non Indigenous Artists. I travelled up with a friend who put her first piece in so it was very exciting . The next day we where treated to a free breakfast and then the judges did a walk through and gave us there expert advice and the reason why certain pieces won prizes. Invaluable info for the new artists on the scene.

 If you would like to look at the gallery website then please click on this link.

Port Hedland Courthouse gallery

It almost makes me want to take up painting.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A creative weekend leads to beautiful Jewellery

I have had the best weekend and now I have some new Finished pieces but a mess all over the house.Clean up on Monday is my motto.I thought I would share my creativity with you.So here's a few photo's I hope you like them.

Wheelies on hand made Sterling earrwires.
These lovelies rotate on their Earrwires so are a lot fun.

Medallion Pendant with Cubic Zurconia centre on sterling Silver rollo chain.
I made two of these with different CZ in them as I had some Bling that was just asking to be used.This is the first Hollow Form that I have made and I am pretty pleased with the results.I will be making some more in different shapes soon.

Blue CZ Medallion
Silver disc's Pendant necklace with Coral feature beads on Sterling Chain

The other side is just as beautiful and it can be worn reversed.

Well I have to go and Eat something as I have been very distracted. Could this be the new diet that I was looking for? Bye for now and thanks for looking.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cossack Revisited

Today I spent a delightful 5 hours at the Cossack Art Studio. Cossack is a little historic town about 45 Minutes from home. I am involved in a Group that sell our Art pieces through a Small Studio.This is the first time this year I have been able to Volunteer to man it. It was a very windy day but this didnt stop the people comming out for a Sunday drive. It also helped that The Cossack Art Awards is also running at this time. I talked to a lot of people and sold a couple of my pieces which makes it even better. I met a lovely lady who has been collecting my jewellery and she added a new pendant to her collection. Its so nice to know where my jewellery finds a home.

Gone to a good home.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My New kitchen is Soooo Fab

Finally its finished, What a lot of hard work to put in a flat packed IKEA kitchen but I am so pleased with the results. We havent had time to decorate as we had to leave Dongara and return to our perminent home as our leave was comming to an end.Other parts of the house are still being finished as we speak. Tiling the Laundry and bathroom is in progress.
Returning home has been quite hard, after living in the same town for most of my life it really is time to move on and now is the time.

The next three months I will have to get back into my jewellery and stock up.I went in today to a local store that sells my Jewellery and they had nearly run out. Tomorrow I will take some more to them.

Its nice to get that reaffirmation that people like my pieces.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Painting , Painting and more Painting....

House painting, dont you just love it? Yes thats what I have been spending my time doing. My Husband and I have been madly renovating our other house. Yep the second one which hopefully will become our home by the end of year with a move to a new town incorporated.

The task is huge as previous owners had done a very shabby job at the painting so a lot of sanding and coats of paint are required. But the good news is that it is starting to look fantastic and gone are the horrible old colours.

I have even started to plan my new craft room. Yay I have a room dedicated to me. This is a long time comming so I am very excited.I shall post a photo when its put togethor.

Do you have a dedicated space for you? If so I'd love to here about it.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another first.....

Look what I made. Yes I am very proud of my first ring as you can tell. Unfortunatly it is too big for me so someone else will end up being the owner of this lovely.I am going to make some more and one for me. I was lucky enough to buy some PMC before the Aussie dollar dropped and so I have plenty of material for making.I just have to find the time between painting my house.