Sunday, August 29, 2010

A creative weekend leads to beautiful Jewellery

I have had the best weekend and now I have some new Finished pieces but a mess all over the house.Clean up on Monday is my motto.I thought I would share my creativity with you.So here's a few photo's I hope you like them.

Wheelies on hand made Sterling earrwires.
These lovelies rotate on their Earrwires so are a lot fun.

Medallion Pendant with Cubic Zurconia centre on sterling Silver rollo chain.
I made two of these with different CZ in them as I had some Bling that was just asking to be used.This is the first Hollow Form that I have made and I am pretty pleased with the results.I will be making some more in different shapes soon.

Blue CZ Medallion
Silver disc's Pendant necklace with Coral feature beads on Sterling Chain

The other side is just as beautiful and it can be worn reversed.

Well I have to go and Eat something as I have been very distracted. Could this be the new diet that I was looking for? Bye for now and thanks for looking.


  1. Wish i could stop eating!!! Love the reversible one how cool is that! There won't be much cleaning up going on if you're cardmaking!

  2. Hey Deb. Love your new stuff. Lucky I am far enough away so I can't spend my money on it anymore! The blog and photos look great too!

  3. Wow your new pieces are gorgeous! Love those spinner earrings too! What a great design :)