Friday, April 30, 2010

This is where I'm at...

Margaret River in the South West of WA is a well known wine region. I have been enjoying the wines and Galleries and also the fabulous food that goes along with these. But the tree's are what I have been enjoying the most. I come from a fairly barren area and just love being around tall majestic trees when I can.Today my husband and I drove from Augusta to Denmark and drove for four hours through beautiful Karri forests. My heart is soaring with the beauty of trees.Tomorrow I am going on a tree top walk through a Tall tree forest, the joy continues.

Talk to you soon...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lovely Links bracelet

These links where going to be a necklace but when I got them out to Peice them togethor I was in a bracelet mood. So they are now going to look gorgeous on someones arm instead of their neck.  Sometimes a bracelet or ring is all you need, dont you think? I have left them without the antique medium as they seemed just right as is.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Where's the Horses?

This is my sister and I at the races in the afternoon. We had a fun afternoon with a couple of wins each.Helen was much better than me at betting, I managed to put on a couple of bets where I had the Horses mixed up with the barrier numbers and still won.We also picked the horse in the main race as it had our maiden name as its own.

Lucky us.

Market Day

What a very busy but fun day.In the morning the once a year Historical Society runs a Market day for fundraising in Dongara. I joined Sue in having a stall. Sue had made lots of very yummy Preserves and I had a small selection of my jewellery.This was on Easter Saturday and the once a year Dongara races was to be held in the afternoon. So once the market was finished at 12.00 we raced home and got dolled up for the races.It was a great day and I actually won some races. Beginners luck I think as I really didnt know what I was doing.