Friday, April 30, 2010

This is where I'm at...

Margaret River in the South West of WA is a well known wine region. I have been enjoying the wines and Galleries and also the fabulous food that goes along with these. But the tree's are what I have been enjoying the most. I come from a fairly barren area and just love being around tall majestic trees when I can.Today my husband and I drove from Augusta to Denmark and drove for four hours through beautiful Karri forests. My heart is soaring with the beauty of trees.Tomorrow I am going on a tree top walk through a Tall tree forest, the joy continues.

Talk to you soon...

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  1. Oh how lovely I've been wondering where you've been Deb! Are you doing the Walpole walk. I just love that area! And yes such a contrast. We miss you here!!! Craft Market in the morning! Lorraine and I are pulling our hair out!